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Women: Planning for the Financial Impact of Children -by John Jastremski

Children are a special blessing and their arrival brings boundless love and joy into our lives that you can’t put a price on. But adding a child to the household impacts the family budget–and women especially—in very measurable ways. Whether … Continue reading

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Changing Jobs? Take Your 401(k) and Roll It -by John Jastremski

If you’ve lost your job, or are changing jobs, you may be wondering what to do with your 401(k) plan account. It’s important to understand your options. What will I be entitled to? If you leave your job (voluntarily or … Continue reading

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Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans by John Jastremeski

Everyone’s familiar with 401(k) plans. But not everyone knows they come in different flavors. There’s the traditional 401(k), of course. But there are also SIMPLE 401(k)s for small employers, 401(k)s with qualified automatic contribution arrangements (QACAs), and safe harbor 401(k)s. … Continue reading

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Active vs. Passive Portfolio Management- By John Jastremski

One of the longest-standing debates in investing is over the relative merits of active portfolio management versus passive management. With an actively managed portfolio, a manager tries to beat the performance of a given benchmark index by using his or … Continue reading

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Weighing the Choice between Taxable and Tax-Free Bonds. By John Jastremski

If you’re considering the purchase of an individual bond or even a bond mutual fund, one of your first concerns will be its yield. However, when comparing various yields, you need to make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges. … Continue reading

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Five Key Benefits for Military Families. By John Jastremski

Military families face plenty of financial challenges. If you’re saving for college or retirement, buying a home, or wondering how to help secure your family’s financial future, don’t overlook these five important benefits. 1. Thrift Savings Plan Retirement is something … Continue reading

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Women & Money Paralysis by John Jastremski

Women & Money Paralysis Not making a move may not be the best move to make.         A decision not made may have financial consequences. There is an old belief that women are more cautious about money than … Continue reading

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Expiring Tax Provisions in 2014 by John Jastremski

Temporary Tax Provisions Set to Expire in 2014 Some may be renewed, others may not be.    At the end of every year, certain federal tax breaks face a sunset. Some are renewed, some expire. As 2014 will soon start, … Continue reading

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Should You Retire Now, Or Later? By John Jastremski

Should You Retire Now, Or Later? Financially, there are reasons why you may want to work a bit longer.       The case for working past 65. Increasingly, baby boomers are urged to work until full retirement age or … Continue reading

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